Peak experiences

The Tatras healthe body and mind

A fast lifestyle, stress, lots of duties and being online constantly have a strong impact on our health and make us long for the simplicity of being. Try to slow down and enjoy the magic of the Tatra nature.

Fight against work fatigue and illnesses by staying in the High Tatras – in nature which has magical healing effects in every season of the year. Being in fresh air is beneficial for our body and eyes. The mountain climate, sunshine and forest aroma were effective when healing respiratory diseases already 200 years ago, but the positive effects on the soul were important too. The High Tatras have been sought after by people from all around the world due to the healing benefits of the local climate from of old.

Experience the mountains, tarns and waterfalls with a healing touch

Change your everyday duties for a holiday full of top-lever experiences. With a mug of original tea in an alpine chalet, at a water fall, on mountain summit, near a deep tarn or in a beautiful cave with dripstones around, you will take your mobile phone out only to capture your experiences.

The High Tatras with unique fauna and flora offer a variety of marked hiking trails. There are more than 600 kilometres of trails of various difficulty levels, from barrier-free sections to challenging rocky terrain. The views of stunning peaks or the busy life in the valley will inspire you to walk faster to get to more beautiful places. Walk to chalets open all year round in winter (except the chalet below Mt Rysy) or to peaceful tarns, forest banks and loud waterfalls, through fragrant mountain pine stands up to high peaks, mountains and tips in summer. Everybody with a sporting spirit, determination and a desire for the beneficial effects of the Tatras can choose the goal they like most.


Relax playing golf in beautiful surroundings

Support your sporting spirit and enjoy the beautifully green golf courses directly below the High Tatras. Everything for the comfort of professionals and beginners will certainly excite everyone.

The unique scenery of the Black Stork golf course in Veľká Lomnica will amaze enthusiasts with its 160 hectares of playing area. The 27-hole course, driving range, covered teeing ground, golf academy and golf simulator meet the mark of quality that only a few courses in the world can boast of. The driving range has 350 meters, 20 covered tees and is played from both sides. In addition to the high-quality sports essence, nature also persists here in harmony with lakes and a flowing stream. You can try the golf atmosphere in a smaller or simulated version and enjoy winnings across the entire region. Capturing your sports performance has never been easier.


Thermal spa, healing centres and wellness in nature

All kids love thermal water parks and parents appreciate quality wellness centres. Don’t miss healing thermal springs, swimming pools, saunas and beneficial massages. The rich spa tradition in the whole region of the High Tatras invites everybody to relax, rest and regenerate.

Swimmers will love the top-modern swimming pool in Aquacity Poprad, children can frolic in pools with water slides. Wellness lovers can unwind in a sauna world with a whirlpool and a pool but also with relaxation rooms, a snow cave and a cooling pool. To keep the skin beautiful and healthy, pedicure with the Garra Rufa is just perfect. Hotel spas in the whole High Tatras offer full-body, leg, neck, back and face massages with hot stones and oils or peels and herb packs. Beer baths and healing programmes supervised by certified doctors focused on the airways or the post-COVID syndrome are very popular. The world of relaxation in the Tatras is simply never-ending.