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Tatranská Polianka

Dr. Guhr Sanatorium

Sanatórium Dr. Guhra n.o. (Dr. Guhr Sanatorium) in Tatranská Polianka was established in 2003 by transforming the Wolker Specialised Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Medical Institution to a non-profit organisation offering general services.

This means that the sanatorium returned to the original name based on the climate therapy pioneer in Tatranská Polianka – doctor Michal Guhr. The tradition of respiratory disease treatment in the sanatorium dates back to the 19th century. The Tatra climate is a real balm for patients suffering from pulmonary diseases.

Tatranská Polianka is located at the altitude of 1,005 metres in the forest zone and a slightly cold area. Dry air, favourable sunshine conditions, a lower air pressure, a lower partial pressure of oxygen and mild day temperatures without big changes are typical for its climate.

Healthy and normal breathing is not a natural thing for everybody. Up to 5 percent of Slovaks suffer from asthma and other 10 percent of the population suffer from allergies. Many of them use the sanatorium in Tatranská Lomnica to treat their problems.

The sanatorium offers:

  • medical care
  • spa care
  • rehabilitation stays
  • relaxation packages
  • holidays
  • social services for seniors
  • tourist accommodation for less-demanding clients
  • congresses, workshops, conferences, proms, weddings and family celebrations

Nowadays, the sanatorium with 65 employees features 151 beds.

Although the sanatorium building was built already in 1907, the management has been doing their best to keep improving the quality by renewing the building. Spa clients stay in renewed rooms with baths and toilets, TVs, fridges, phones and balconies.


  • respiratory physiotherapy
  • inhalation
  • oxygenotherapy
  • Phyaction
  • short wave therapy
  • bio lamp
  • ultrasound
  • magnet
  • noise irrigation
  • classic massages
  • hot packs
  • sauna, hydromassage bath
  • foot baths.

Erudite specialists in pulmonology, allergology, physiatry, balneology and rehabilitation.

Individual treatment plans are made based on the disease character and medical check-ups.

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Source: Sanatórium Polianka